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Boston’s Most Instagrammable Fall Foliage

October 6th, 2023
Boston’s Most Instagrammable Fall Foliage
Boston’s Most Instagrammable Fall Foliage

As autumn settles in, Boston’s streets and parks come alive with brilliant shades of crimson, amber, and gold. Here are some of Boston's top locations to witness this seasonal spectacle: 

1. The Boston Common and Public Garden: Right in the center of the city and surrounded by many Boston hotels, the Boston Common, the nation’s oldest public park, showcases a vibrant array of autumn colors. Next door, the Public Garden offers peaceful pathways and ponds, and the bridges add a touch of historic charm to the rustic scenery. 

2. Arnold Arboretum: Located in the neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, this park is a part of Boston's famous Emerald Necklace. With trees from different parts of the world, the Arboretum offers a unique mix of colors and shades during fall. Trails like Bussey Hill are great spots to take in and photograph the fall atmosphere. 

3. Charles River Esplanade: This park by the river offers beautiful views of both Boston and Cambridge. The trees along the Charles River change colors as fall sets in, creating a stunning backdrop for those walking, jogging, or simply enjoying the views. During sunset, the combination of the city skyline and colorful trees makes for a perfect photo opportunity. 

4. The Cenacles in Brighton: For those seeking a peaceful escape, The Cenacles in Brighton is just nearby Studio Allston Hotel! Set against a picturesque pond and complemented by many walking trails, it’s an ideal location to immerse oneself in the beauty of the season. Consider bringing a picnic, a good novel, or even a sketchbook to fully engage with the surroundings. 

5. Mount Auburn Cemetery: While a cemetery might not be the first place that comes to mind for autumn admiration, Mount Auburn Cemetery challenges that notion. The contrast of historic tombstones set amidst the brilliant palette of fall leaves offers a serene yet profound environment. 

Boston during the fall is a visual delight. Whether you're snapping pictures or just soaking in the scenery, these spots in the city offer some of the best views of autumn’s vibrant display. Don't miss the opportunity to book your stay at Studio Allston and enjoy the best rates among hotels in Boston during peak foliage!

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