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Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

May 16th, 2019
Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Caring for the planet is more important than ever. We all live here and we all depend on it in every possible way. Everybody knows that. What might not be common knowledge is the importance that nature has to our mental and physical health and wellbeing. If you think that being outside isn’t for you, think again!

Stress Relief

The everyday hustle has gotten to us. New and old generations are feeling the effects of being permanently plugged in and online. One of the best ways to take a few steps back from our daily lives is to spend time outdoors. After all, what could be more relaxing than having no signal, listening to the rustle of leaves and breathing in the fresh air? In fact, studies worldwide show that being in nature is bound to have a better effect than a therapy session or a chocolate binge!

Improved Mood and Health

Now that you’re stress free, you can reap the additional benefits that nature kindly offers. By simply letting the sun rays touch your face, arms, legs or back a few minutes a day, your body produces vitamin D. This is important to maintain bone health, enhance the immune system and reduce inflammation. But make sure not to overexpose your skin to avoid burning, premature aging and, in extreme cases, heat stroke.

In addition to helping get your daily dose of vitamin D, taking walks in green spaces has positive effects on the brain. Whether it’s a forest or an urban park, scientists agree that natural environments soothe the mind and improve the mood.

Boost in Creativity

We’ve talked before about how practicing yoga and meditation helps boost creativity, and being outside has a similar effect. By taking some time to unplug from technology and, instead, connect with the world around us, we allow our brain to reset and recover from the constant information overload. As a result, our brain begins working on ways that increase creative thinking.

Where to Find Nature in Boston

Boston is a city with plenty of green spaces. Charles River Reservation, the Harvard Yard & The Cambridge Common are all near Studio Allston. The iconic urban parks are Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, Arnold Arboretum and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. These spaces have beautiful gardens, ponds, various tree species and paths to explore.

After spending some much needed time outside, stop by Studio Allston to find inspiration in the work of Boston’s most creative minds!

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