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Tips for Working and Studying Online

March 27th, 2020
Tips for Working and Studying Online

Have you found yourself homebound with little experience working or studying remotely? Adapting to new settings and a different rhythm doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips to ensure your focus and productivity are running smoothly. 

Get up Early

Don’t get used to sleeping in! Maintaining your usual work hours will stop your biological clock from redjusting to a lazier schedule. Set your alarm, get out of bed, and get changed. Staying in your pajamas all day is not an option. Making your bed as soon as you wake up will also give you a sense of accomplishment—you already got something done! 

Create a Functional Space

Working or studying online will be difficult if you’re sitting in the same room where other members of your family are watching TV. Allocate a room or space in your house to become your office or study hall. Designating a workspace and making a ritual of only working there every day will improve your focus. If you don’t have an extra room to turn into an office, pick a quiet corner with plenty of natural light and ventilation. You can use a basket to put away all your work supplies at the end of the day. 

Stay Organized

We’ve talked about back to school tips for college students, but they also apply to anyone working from home. Losing track of time is easy when your usual cues are gone. The first step to avoiding that is using a planner or making your own. Every morning, prioritize and write down everything you need to get done that day. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them! Log out of your social media, check your clock regularly and cross off the items on your list.

Take Breaks and Move

Avoid the lethargy that can result from being cooped up in your house. Every hour, take a short break to move your body, walk around the house and check on the kids. Avoid reading the news or browsing social media at this time because you may see something that could distract you from your to-do list. Use this time to breathe, have a healthy snack and recharge. 

Staying sane and in tune is perfectly doable during these times. We suggest you look ahead and start thinking about future vacations. Now is a good time to plan a summer or fall getaway

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