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Best Winter Landscapes in Boston

December 31st, 2019
Best Winter Landscapes in Boston

Winter is officially here. The coldest time of the year is no reason to stay indoors. If you’re looking for the most beautiful and interesting photo opportunities in Boston, check out the following spots. 

Boston Public Garden and Boston Common 

Boston Public Garden was the inspiration for the classic story “Make Way for the Ducklings.”  Surrounded by an ornamental iron fence dating back to the 19th Century, this botanical garden has some of the best spots for winter photography. Capture The Angel of the Waters sculpture covered in snow. Another stunning wintery landscape is Boston Common, the first park in the United States. Go to Frog Pond and take a turn ice-skating, or simply stroll along its Victorian paths and stop for a warming drink at the Frog Pond Café. 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This enchanting museum has more than world-renowned masterpieces. Its courtyard and exterior gardens remain open in winter. At the courtyard, you’ll see a selection of plants grown and groomed to be part of the architecture itself. Between December and January, the are chosen for their holiday significance. Since the plant collection constantly rotates, no visit will even be the same. Go outside to explore the Lynch, Monk’s and Jordan gardens. 

Snow covered quaint street in Beacon Hill, Boston.Beacon Hill Neighborhood

The most exclusive neighborhood in Boston is also the prettiest. Whether you are looking for a rich, historical background or classic architecture, Beacon Hill won’t disappoint you. If you want an iconic Boston shot, go to Acorn street, one of the most photographed streets in the country. 

Copley Square

Walk around Copley Square on a snowy day and to see Trinity Church covered in a layer of snow. This is particularly appealing for budding or seasoned photographers. Trinity Church is a freestanding building that allows anyone to get a great 360-degree view.  

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